You can download the latest version as a gzipped tar file or as a ZIP file. You should prefer the former even for Windows, because it is much smaller and can be unpacked with WinZip as well. Last but not least you can simply download the JAR file and add it to your CLASSPATH.

The second possibility is to check out the complete source tree using anonymous CVS:

cvs login 
cvs -z3 co BCEL
(Windows users will probably have to omit the compression flag -z3)

You're also welcome to join the project as a developer and commit your improvements to the CVS repository. To do so, visit the SourceForge and apply for an account. Afterwards you can check out the complete source tree with

cvs co BCEL

For more details please visit the Site Documentation page of SourceForge.

Latest version
(Precompiled + docs)
Gzipped Tar-File (~700K) ZIP-File (~1.6M)
  • Germany (FTP)
Latest version
(Source only)
Gzipped Tar-File (~200K) ZIP-File (~400K)
JAR file
(Class files only)
JAR-File (~350K)
Class Construction Kit
JAR-File (~250K)
Mini Gzipped Tar-File ZIP-File
Technical Report Gzipped PostScript, PostScript PDF
Paper Gzipped PostScript, PostScript PDF